The Process

Order Submission

To complete order submission you will be redirected to:

1. Submit basic measurements to our algorithm form
2. Upload photos.

  • Have someone help you take photos from chest height at 2m away.
  • Wear minimal, form-fitting clothing.
  • Photographs of your front, side and rear are necessary. You may also upload photos of areas that require specific attention.
  • You may redact or blur your face or take the photo from nose-down if necessary.


Within 2 weeks, we will ship your fitting garment.

There is an included fitting guide on which you should note any needed adjustments and take another set of photos wearing the fitting garment.

Any future garments will be based on this measurement and any change in your measurements can be adjusted against this baseline.

* Orders may be cancelled up to this point in the process. Cancelled first-time orders may incur a charge to cover the cost of any fitting garments that have been made, as well as associated shipping charges if they have been shipped.

Between 4-8 weeks, we will ship your finished suit.

Between 2-7 weeks, we will ship out your suit.


  • If alterations are needed, we will reimburse up to 120USD.
  • It is important to first notify our Fitting Team before making the alterations. We will record the alterations required and adjust your pattern to match for future orders.
  • We will record the alterations required and adjust your pattern to match for future orders.


Due to the nature of made-to-measure clothing, returns are only accepted if there is a defect or irreparable discrepancy between the final suit and fitting garment adjustments submitted to us.

In some cases, we may ask the suit to be returned at our cost so that we may investigate the defect. In cases where there is a minor problem with fit, we are happy to reimburse up to 120USD of any necessary alterations.