The Process

Order Submission

To complete order submission you will be redirected to:

1. In the order comments/attachments, mention

  • Your style (bold, understated, versatile, minimalist, sleek, etc.) and
  • How you would intend to wear the suit (work, special events, formal events, etc.)
  • Inspirations and looks that you like
  • Any further details that you have specific feelings on (lapel gorge height, button stance, shoulder padding, trouser rise, pic stitching, etc.)

2. Take 3 photos and submit them as attachments (optional but recommended)

  • Have someone help you take photos from chest height at 2m away.
  • Wear minimal, form-fitting clothing.
  • Photographs of your front, side and rear are necessary. You may also upload photos of areas that require specific attention.
  • You may redact or blur your face or take the photo from nose-down if necessary.

3. After you submit your order, you will receive an e-mail from our Mobile Tailor measuring app. The app will generate a 3D avatar of your body for our tailors to investigate. No one will see the actual photos taken by the app. Wear minimal form-fitting clothing/underwear such as briefs over loose-fitting such boxer shorts, if possible.

Between 2-4 weeks, we will ship your fitting garment.

1. Dress yourself in a collared button-up shirt. Gently put on the fitting jacket so as not to pop the chain-stitched basting thread. Your final jacket will be much more resilient and likely incorporate stretch from the fabric and/or action back.
Pull the trouser waist up so that the crotch is just below the point of comfort. You may be used to wearing jeans and casual trousers with a lower crotch. Remember that the higher the crotch is, the more mobility you will have in your legs.

2. Note any needed adjustments.

  • Shake it off and feel general tightness, looseness, and take a look at lengths
  • If the jacket or trouser waist is too tight, pull them tight to the desired point of comfort and measure the gap between the centre of the buttonhole and the centre of the button
  • If the jacket or trouser waist is too loose, bunch the excess fabric together and measure the bunch
  • Feel the height of the armholes. Are they very low? Do they dig into your armpit?
  • Is the collar area large leading to a gap between your shirt collar and the jacket lapel?
  • Is there a ‘collar roll’ or fabric bunching in the back of the shoulders behind the nape of your neck?
  • Is the trouser waist rise too high or too low?

Take at least 9 photos in your fitting suit from 2m away. From the front, side and rear angles, photograph

  • The full suit buttoned
  • The full suit unbuttoned
  • Just the trousers without the jacket

Then photograph any particular spots of concern up close and from 1m away.

Any future garments will be based on this measurement and any change in your measurements can be adjusted against this baseline.

*Orders may be cancelled up to this point in the process. Cancelled first-time orders may incur a charge to cover the cost of any fitting garments that have been made, as well as associated shipping charges if they have been shipped.

Between 4-9 weeks, we will ship out your suit.

  • If alterations are needed, we will reimburse up to 120USD.
  • It is important to first notify our Fitting Team before making the alterations. We will record the alterations required and adjust your pattern to match for future orders.
Due to the nature of made-to-measure clothing, returns are only accepted if there is a defect or irreparable discrepancy between the final suit and fitting garment adjustments submitted to us. In some cases, we may ask the suit to be returned at our cost so that we may investigate the defect. In cases where there is a minor problem with fit, we are happy to reimburse up to 120USD of any necessary alterations.