Security Forces Programme (SFPROG)

Apply for SFPROG to get 5-15% off all orders.
You will be redirected to register/login if not already a user.
The Security Forces Programme (SFPROG) is intended to provide a lower-cost entry point for military, law enforcement, government and private security professionals.

SFPROG discounts are specific to certain categories and branches of service and can vary from person to person. In addition to discounts, SFPROG members may be invited to participate in unique promotional or test and evaluate (T&E) opportunities such as early access to new products or professional development related events.

Applicants to the SFPROG must include:
  • Scanned proof of membership or discharge with matching name, such as military ID or security license cards, and DD214 or CF75.
  • Sensitive information such as faces, social security or service number may be blurred or redacted.
  • Applicants are gently reminded their organizations may have relevant SOPs and regulations governing PERSEC and OPSEC.
Upon approval, an account will be opened according to the e-mail address provided in the form. In such cases where an applicant falls into multiple categories (eg. retired military and active duty LEO), the category with the highest potential discount value will be assigned.
Organisational Programme (ORGPROG)
Organisations making group orders receive concierge service and customisation options, as well as potential volume usage discounts.
Bespoke Concierge Service (BESPOKE)

Individuals seeking a wider choice of fabrics, features and accommodation may contact our bespoke concierge to have a suit made on Savile Row that fulfills their truly unique taste and requirements.