Build Your Suit


Premium line starting at $1,550

A floating chest piece provides structure and a natural drape from the shoulder down through and below the lapels. The Premium line retains all the function and adds more than a touch of elegance. Premium line suits include luxurious palladium white gold hardware as a complimentary option.

Standard Features

Mission ready pockets provide an abundance of carry options for items ranging from ammunition magazines to pens and loose change. They are laid out to maximize ease of access with application in mind.

These pockets are meant to hide a handcuff key and are positioned for easy access if restrained.

Commo loops are located in the cuffs and collar area for wire management.

All pockets are made of durable, military-spec ripstop grid fabric.

Waistband Pockets are covertly sewn into the waistband of the trousers at the 11 o’clock and 1 o’clock position. These can covertly carry a handgun magazine, knives, lock picks and multitools or overtly carry an AR15 magazine.

If you are planning to regularly carry large items like AR15 magazines, it is recommended that you add an extra allowance to the waistband. For a single AR15 magazine, a 1” allowance is suggested.

    1. Fabric Selection

    Loro Piana – Mooving Travel line

    A practical, flexible and breathable easy-care line by the world's most luxurious name in textiles. With it's 'mooving' travel line, Loro Piana mates luxury materials with small amounts of lycra to enable the elegant drape of superfine wool and silk to easily stretch under demanding circumstances.

    1550 USD

    Need help choosing just the right fabric? Get sample swatches sent to your home. 10USD

    2. Optional Features


    Action Back

    Draw-Assist Pockets

    Quickdraw Button


    Cut-resistant Sleeves

    Holster Liner

    Velcro Chest Panel

    Velcro Lapel and Collar

    RFID Shield Pockets


    Surgeon Cuffs

    Sport Coat Only

    Second Pair of Trousers

    Reinforced 2" Belt Loops

    Milanese Buttonhole


Measurements will be confirmed after check-out

Final Total