We thread together the worlds of classic artisanal tailoring and tactical innovations to create apparel that is both stylish and functional.

We make your suit to sartorial standards that few adhere to – and adapt their capabilities to the needs of professionals in the military, intelligence, and law enforcement, as well as those in the private security sector.


Just like those professionals, our look is adaptable.

Quality and fit are classic and timeless.

If a garment is built well and fits with intention, regardless of its colour or accents, your presence will quietly project confidence, competence and grace.


Elegance is what we weaponize: A look that is distinguished but not distinctive.

Better than just a low profile is a soft profile: The camouflage of conviviality.

All this while retaining your ability to commit to decisive action with confidence, competence and grace.

The Mission: to outfit you with the best looking and most functional garments and gear, faithful to traditions of elegance and style, adapted to your rigorous needs.

We trace our lineage as tailors right back to the golden age of craftsmanship as practiced in the tailoring shops of pre-WWII Shanghai. Expats from America, Europe and London’s Savile Row trained young local apprentices hungry to learn by tailoring suits for spies, smugglers, officers and diplomats in a city teetering on the brink of war.

And we take that heritage seriously.
Our suits are made half-canvassed with a sewn ‘floating’ chestpiece.
And under the plane trees of Shanghai’s French Concession,
our tailors finish buttonholes, barchetta pockets and other details by hand.
From start to finish, only four pairs of hands will ever touch your garment.

But what sets our suit apart is even more than its sartorial quality.
Our optional features, available a la carte,
are subtle, functional, and versatile.
Designed to adapt to a range of uses, the pockets, gussets and
armoured fabrics can be both a critical tactical advantage and
an everyday convenience.